Daily Message ~ Saturday March 4, 2017


So many ask, “How will I ever meet my next great love?” Dear Ones, when the time is right, when both of you are ready, the real question is, how on earth could anything ever keep you apart?

If you are desiring to draw to you a deep and profound soul connection, there are many things you can do to move into readiness for that experience. First, it is imperative that you understand that all things must begin within. In order to move into the outward expression of anything you desire, you must understand that you, above all others, are responsible for your wholeness, wellness and satisfaction. No external can make you whole, it is up to you to discover the wholeness that you are.

Are you embodying love? Are you allowing the love that you already are to shine? Are you in alignment and acceptance of the love of Source? Are you in the divine flow of both giving and receiving love? Many enlightening human beings are very good at giving love but not quite as comfortable in the receiving of it. Are you truly ready to receive love? Are you ready to move into the new paradigm of unconditional love rather than the old conditional love templates you have experience most of your life?

The work you do now will already be smoothing the way for your divine love. The healing you do now before you meet your other is an act of love for both of you as it speeds up the process and also can save you much turmoil in the beginning stages of your relationship.

As you focus on your readiness and what you can be doing to serve your union while you wait in anticipation of the arrival of your love, you can also start to honour and connect with your love on a soul level. You can meditate and ask them to come to you within the meditative state, to feel the soul familiarity and the love that already exists between you.

You can get to know their energy, the feel of their essence, and reassure yourself of their existence. Try not to get too caught up on their appearance. If you have trouble not doing that, you can simply imagine them standing behind you and embracing you, which will allow you to focus more on how they feel. This is a powerful acknowledgement of your union, and as you know, all great manifestations begin energetically before they show up in the physical.

Dear Ones, you do not have to be perfect in any of the above suggestions. Far from it, for your soul connection experience will be quick to bring to the light any work you need to do for yourself, as well as any old conditioning that no longer works in more evolved love relationships. But by focusing on doing what you can on your own now, you are supporting the meeting by demonstrating your intention and your own readiness to step into a higher vibrational love experience.

If you understand that self responsibility, unconditional love, and acceptance are the core foundation of the love relationships that you seek, you will be well prepared for their appearance in your life. If you stay in surrender and flow, and in complete faith and trust of the divine timing of everything, you will draw to you the partner you long for. You see, if they didn’t exist, you would not have the yearning in the first place. ~Archangel Gabriel

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