Daily Message ~ Saturday May 17, 2014

There is never a missed opportunity to give yourself healing or experiences you feel you didn’t get. Waiting for someone to change, to behave differently, to make things up to you, or to have some kind of epiphany is only stalling your own growth and expansion. Such a strategy is making you dependant on another for your wellness, which is giving your power away.

Moving on from your old stories is embracing your freedom and wellness. It is a wonderful act of self love, to step out of the role of wounded victim. To do so doesn’t mean you condone what happened to you in any way. It simply means that you are ready to detach from it energetically, once and for all. Take whatever wisdom you can find from your experiences and let the rest go!

You can be your own hero! Give yourself the love, the understanding, the loyalty, the caring, the nurturing, and the protection you feel you didn’t get in that old situation. Pledge to always make good, loving decisions for yourself, from this new place of wisdom and wholeness. From there you can move forward, shining brightly and authentically, to new, brighter vistas. Remember, the only one who can keep you chained to the past is you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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