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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 18, 2019

We have spoken about the power of the conscious pause – taking a moment before deciding a course of action. That is an excellent practice before your proceed in any direction in your life. But where this tool is particularly powerful is if you can remember to use it when you are triggered.

When you are triggered something has happened that makes you feel powerless, afraid, reactive, and often irrational. It is forgetting you are a sovereign being who is in charge of your own energetics and a powerful creator. It has activated a wound that is seeking your attention and that was created before you knew and operated through your own authentic power, usually from a childhood or pastlife experience.

If you find yourself triggered, the first thing we advise is that you simply stop and breathe. If you can, remove yourself from the situation. Understand that what you are dealing with has many more layers that what is presenting, which is why your reaction is so strong. Create a safe space for yourself to assess and explore, and consciously decide to take no action until you are back in a better state of alignment.

Once you have removed yourself from the situation and can recognize you are safe in your right now moment, we urge you to begin to explore your reaction. Understand that you have defaulted into a less empowered response that does not reflect the capable person you are today.

Take the time to remember what you know and to use the tools you have developed along your journey. Understand there is a gift in this for you and an opportunity to respond in a completely different way. Then ask yourself the key question, “What would an empowered person do?”

You will know. This one key question will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom that has been there all along and allow you to experience and guide yourself in a whole new way.  And that, Dear Ones, is choosing to break your patterns and put your own mastery into action. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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