Daily Message ~ Saturday November 19, 2016


If you have ever rearranged your cupboards, you know how you will keep going back to the old spot where things were kept until, after enough times of trying to do things the old way to no avail, you remember the changes and eventually become accustomed to the new arrangement.

As it is with your life and what the new energies are supporting. You may try to approach things the old way out of habit, only to realize that really isn’t very effective anymore. Before you know it, you will have redirected yourself enough times that you simply go directly to the new ways of doing things.

You didn’t have to put vast pressure on yourself to remember the new kitchen arrangement, just as you don’t need to pressure yourself about what the energies are supporting now. You understand that through consistent trial, error, and redirection, the new ways will become what is natural to you. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly how surrender and flow will replace planning and control. ~Archangel Gabriel

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