Daily Message ~ Saturday November 2, 2013

We speak extensively of flow in our teachings, as it is one of the most important elements of enlightenment. Water is the substance that is most closely physically related to flow and is essential for your wellness, particularly during times of accelerated shifting such as you are experiencing on your planet right now. Water helps you move with the energies. It supports you, it absorbs different vibrations, it cleanses, and it allows your physical bodies to shift in the most comfortable way possible. Just as the tides on your planet move with the planets, so do you. By using water as a tool, by both drinking ample amounts, and submerging yourself in it (salt water is especially good for externally cleansing the body), you will be choosing to move with the rhythm of the universe, and assisting yourself in a very simple, yet very effective way. If you have allowed yourself to become dehydrated, you have allowed your body to enter into a space of resistance rather than flow. So drink, Dear Ones, drink! And if you really wish to support yourself, ask Source to bless your water beforehand, and you will be sailing through these times with a far greater ease. ~Archangel Gabriel

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