Daily Message ~ Saturday November 28, 2020

Listen to your heart. It has become a cliche to most of you that you really don’t hear – just a common phrase that has little meaning. But we are here today to ask you to dust off that old expression and to really, truly begin to listen to your hearts.

Your heart helps you become congruent. It gives you clear feedback on what your deepest, truest desires are. As those desires are absolutely essential to living your highest life expression, allowing your heart to lead the way is the way to navigate your life.

Your heart cannot lie to you. It only emanates truth, your truth, and leads the way to the experiences your soul desires to have.

The old ways of navigating solely through the mind and control are gone. Moving forward into this brand new age, let your heart lead the way. Embrace your intuition, your emotions, your knowing, your BEing. Flow, create, connect, and love, which are all specialties of the heart.

You can find your clarity by asking your heart. You can be of service by living by the heart. You can align with your greatest desires by following your heart. Do you see? The heart is the true navigator to all the things you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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