Daily Message ~ Saturday November 7, 2015

A common question we get asked is, “How do I surrender?” We would like to address that today.

Surrender is completely letting go of resistance. It is a pure, heart-centered intention to allow yourself to be led to your highest good. It is taking the supported path of ease. It is moving willingly where the signs and synchronicities point you. But more than anything else, it is a declaration, a commitment to stay out of your own way, and to begin to work with the assistance that an entire universe is waiting with bated breath for the opportunity to give you.

So we encourage you to understand how profound and sacred the act of surrender is, and to start to use it in your life. There does not need to be any elaborate ritual in order to surrender. Simply take a quiet moment, and with your whole heart declare to whatever divine source feels comfortable to you, “I surrender”, and allow yourself to enter into the flow of unconditional love and support. (If you do not know what you believe in, you can simply surrender to “more”). It is the most powerful act a human being can do, and if you stay in the flow in that surrendered state with your faith and trust, you will be absolutely amazed at the relief and magic it will bring. ~Archangel Gabriel

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