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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 13, 2018

Some of you don’t like to accept help because you are afraid it comes with strings attached. There is a difference between someone giving with a hidden agenda and someone giving to experience the joy of service. You might consider one 3D assistance that comes from a place of separation, lack, and a desire to serve the one, and the other 5D assistance that comes from a place of unity, abundance, and a desire to serve the whole.

The first might give resentfully or in order to get something back, while the other simply gives because it allows them an opportunity to experience loving service as an expression of self. If you stop and feel into it, you will always know the difference. Don’t let those old experiences with people who weren’t helping from the heart lead you to deny the loving supports that do exist for you from sources whose greatest joy is to assist and it is absolutely safe for you to receive from. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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