Daily Message ~ Saturday October 26, 2013

We invite you to examine what you consider to be your biggest stumbling block in your life expression. What is it? Is it really an insurmountable challenge, or have you fallen into the habit of thinking it is? Have you released it for healing by surrendering it to Source? Do you have gratitude for the area of your life that it affects? Do you live your life around this block, energetically supporting its impact on you even more? Do your thoughts and belief systems continue to support this situation? How would your life be different without this perceived problem? What gifts or experiences has this situation brought to your life? Does it serve a purpose in your life any longer? Once you have asked yourself all these questions, we wish for you to create a clear picture in your mind of your life with complete resolution to whatever this may be, living wholly and completely and joyously. Simply announce with your inner voice to the universe that this is your new preference, and you are now surrendering into its creation. Stay in the flow with the complete assurance and faith that this situation is now resolved and focus on what you wish to create anew. Surrender, flow and gratitude, along with your intention for empowered change, is a powerful combination you can use to update any area of your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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