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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 30, 2021

There may be times in your life where you know something is good for you but yet you experience resistance to moving in that direction. This is completely normal. It simply means there is an unhealed part of you that is needing your love and attention before it is willing to cooperate with moving in that direction.

So rather than pushing against your resistance, get curious about it. What is it that is wanting to hold you back from moving forward? Is your inner child or ego afraid it will be left behind? It is an integral part of your team and may simply need to be reassured of that fact. Do you have a fear of experiencing your next highest expression of self? Your expansion always brings more comfort and satisfaction, not less.

Is it fear of the unknown? There are always many wonderful things waiting for you to discover in the realm of potentiality which is just beyond what you can see. Is it fear of success and/or fear of failure? The value is not in the result, it is in the experience. Is it a fear of change? If there are areas of your life that are not satisfactory, it is only through change you can find solutions and better matches.

Dear Ones, the flow will always take you somewhere better, the trick is to get all the parts of you to cooperate and willingly move along with you, and the vast majority of times whatever is attempting to hold you back is simply looking for your acknowledgement, presence, and reassurance.

Rather than trying to wrestle your resistance to the ground, why not simply guide it forward with love and compassion? If you have the awareness that your resistance is holding you back from expanding in new, more empowered ways, you are more than ready to be your own loving shepherd, guide, and parent, and to follow the beckoning of your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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