Daily Message ~ Saturday October 5, 2013

When you become emotionally invested in what another person is doing, and become insistent you know what is “right” for them, and that if they just do things your way their lives will be so much better, it is a clear sign that your ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small, has taken the lead. While it is disguised as being a form of caring and love, the truth is you are simply not qualified to know what another person’s soul is wishing to experience.

Each person, just like you, is navigating their path with the assistance of many helpers, their higher self, their guides, the ascended masters, the angelics, Source – the entire universe. So to insist that you know better than those higher supports is somewhat ludicrous, wouldn’t you say? Worse, when you say you know what is best, it is very disempowering to another, because the underlying message is that they are not competent at all, and are somehow inept and not qualified to make their own decisions. Considering all humans are on the planet to step into their own authentic power, that approach is completely contrary to what every person is trying to achieve.

It is also incredibly disempowering to you. When you become completely absorbed in another’s actions, you have taken your focus off the only thing that you do have control over, which is your own life path, your own choices, your own growth. Do you see? It is simply another insidious way the ego self tries to distract you from your own empowerment, so trust that each person is experiencing whatever they need to for their highest good, and redirect all that effort into your own self discoveries and creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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