Daily Message ~ Saturday September 24, 2016


Somewhere along the line, busyness has become glorified for many human beings. They deem themselves as being good or successful the more action they can squeeze into the day. While we applaud action toward creation, many people are finding themselves exhausted and less than satisfied with their lives regardless of the amount of effort they have put into it. How can this be?

Busyness does not necessarily mean positive forward movement. While it may meet the approval of societal expectations, the real proof of its success is the health, happiness, and satisfaction of the person living the incarnation. And you may have noticed that busyness does not necessarily equal happiness.

Your mind, the operating system of the ego, thrives on distraction. By constantly keep you on the move it avoids your growth and expansion, and fills your day with so many tasks any opportunity for quiet reflection or connection is avoided. Because it is through your heart, the operating system of your soul, which navigates through flow, connection, feeling, growth, and expansion to find your way to the most satisfying matches for you and your life expression, avoiding those opportunities through busyness virtually guarantees a life that has diminished satisfaction and presence.

As you move into the empowered operating system of flow and co-creation, you start to live in far more efficient ways. You are focused, present, and supported, which creates the space for you to truly connect with others. You are not exhausted because you are moving with what the energies are supporting, which allows your body to heal, rejuvenate, and thrive. You lose the frustration that comes from forcing and gain the joy that comes from flowing. You become a joyful co-creator from your state of beingness and that is where the magic begins. ~Archangel Gabriel

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