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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 25, 2021

The now moment is your power base. It is the clearest energetic picture of what you have to work with. When you stay present in the now, you will be able to much better access your innate wisdom to choose your next highest step. And truly, that is all that is ever required in order to continually allow the unfoldment of your highest life expression.

You might think of the energies of the past or the unknown of the future to be static that makes it more difficult to access the clarity the now moment is trying to provide you. It is absolutely safe for you to simply make your highest choice, that is most in line with your truest intentions, one now moment at a time. In fact, that is how you move with whatever is being energetically supported at any given time, and step onto a much more consistent path of mastery. It is also how you reduce energetic overwhelm and the ascension fatigue many of you are experiencing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Holly Update: I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and healing. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. When I brought Holly to the vet yesterday morning she couldn’t stand, couldn’t see out of one eye, and was completely confused. She couldn’t even sit without falling over on her back. In fact, she was so unstable that they had to prop her up in a padded crate when she first got to the vets. So the real miracle occurred after I asked for your help and the energy healing and prayers started. After letting her rest for a while and receive IV fluids, the vet took her out of the cage to assess where she was at and she took off running! (If she doesn’t know where I am she will run to look for me, and I’m sure that’s what she was doing.) She literally went from not being able to even sit to being able to run! I have no doubt it is all due to the love and support you all sent. Over the course of the afternoon she greatly improved, and she is back home and doing really well! She’s got her sass back, she’s eating and eliminating well, and her balance is fine, other than she’s got one leg wrapped with an IV port in place just in case we need to give her more fluids so she’s learning how to get around with it. The difference is night and day. The vet is calling what happened a neurological vestibular event. I honestly cannot believe I got to leave the vet’s office with her yesterday. Even the vet said he was worried that we were going to have to make some really hard decisions. I got the gift of more time with my sweet girl and I am so, so grateful. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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