Daily Message ~ Saturday September 3, 2016


By now many of you know you have assistance from above in the form of the angelics, ascended masters and guides. But did you know your earth is also a wonderful source of help to you?

Your beloved planet is always available to you to ground you, to clear your energy, and to offer healing to you. Stand on the earth in your bare feet and connect to the beautiful grounding she offers to give you balance. Spend some time lying on her to receive her healing and adjustments. Ingest the pure offerings she so abundantly gives. Immerse yourself in the salt she provides for cleansing, purifying baths. Use her treasure – her crystals – to further heal and assist you. Spend time walking and communing with her and she will help you connect with her wisdom, as well as with spirit.

You have endless supports available to you, Dear Ones. Ask yourself what you need and let your inner knowingness lead the way, for there is a tremendous amount of help, both from above and below, to help you continue on your ascension journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

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