Daily Message ~ Sunday April 3, 2016

Dear Ones, if you are having problems with your relationships with others, it is a sign that you are having problems with your relationship with yourself. It is simply an indicator to start asking, “How am I not there for myself?” Or, “How have others not been there for me in the past, and how can I go fulfill that role for myself now?”

You are at a stage in your journey where relationships are coming much more to the forefront. Ultimately, it is your relationship with all the aspects of you that will set the tone for your interactions with others. So we recommend you sit with yourself and ask, “What do I need from myself today? What did I need before that I didn’t get that I can give myself today?” You might be surprised at what comes up into your awareness.

When you understand that you can fill in the gaps – that you can, with your wisdom and love, complete the job others could not do for you, you automatically start to shift from victim consciousness. You also start to see that even though people may have erred and not been able to give you what you needed, that you can now step up and, being the expert on you, fulfill that role. You will see that it can really be okay after all, that you can heal, and evolve, and thrive. You may even get to the point where you can thank another for shining the spotlight on what was begging for your love and attention all along. (smiles) ~Archangel Gabriel

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