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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 1, 2021

We hear so many of you fighting against your mind. You resist your thoughts, you don’t meditate because you can’t get your mind to still, you spin yourself in circles because you can’t turn it off. Your mind is not the enemy, Dear Ones, it is just not a complete guidance system.

You cannot embrace your humanness without accepting that busy little computer that is your mind. Your mind is very good at collecting data, at learning new things, at tracking progress. These are all wonderful complements to your evolutionary journey!

When it comes to meditation, the busyness of your mind is not an obstacle. You just need to take that trait and make it work for you. Guided meditation is key if your mind won’t still for you, and we’ll even go so far as to say if you allow your mind free to explore within the structure of your guided meditation, it may lead you to many discoveries!

You also tend to dismiss things as “just your imagination” when your brain is allowed free rein. What if we told you that imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your brain? So many of you cut yourselves off from your greatest discoveries by dismissing your imagination. Why not see where it takes you?

To make friends with your brain you might find it helpful to give your mind a persona that would make you more accepting of it. What if you saw it like a little chatterbox, a little busybody that had a tendency to worry? You could affectionately love it and shepherd it forward with your care and wisdom, and soothe it by not making it responsible for your entire journey. In fact, we would say most anxiety comes from the mind being in charge of your own unfoldment without the soothing wisdom of the heart to balance it.

Your mind is a great asset to you and your evolution. Seeing it as an essential aspect of the greater whole that is you will allow its gifts to shine through and serve you well as you move forward in your embodiment process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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