Daily Message ~ Sunday August 21, 2016


If you are looking to change your life in a very empowering way, we suggest you write down all of your self-limiting beliefs and I am statements – the chatter that automatically goes on in your mind that always contains some kind of reason why you can’t evolve beyond what is unwanted or how you trick yourself into believing you are somehow not good enough. Leave a space after every statement that comes to you.

Then, examine every statement and ask yourself, Is this true? Is this really what I wish to create? What would be a better feeling statement? What is a new declaration I can make? If the statement is something hurtful someone else said to you, ask Is this true? Does this person even know the real me? Are they qualified to judge or speak about my path and my truth? Are they an example of what I aspire to be? (Hint: if someone is judging you they are automatically not operating at a level that is able to see you in your truth. If they were, they would only offer love and acceptance and see you as the perfect and divine being you are.)

Just write down all the things that run through your mind that make you feel less than or limited in any way. When you are done doing that, write underneath each statement what is in line with who you really are and what you really want to experience. Feel into your centre, into your inner knowingness, as you assess each statement. For example, a belief may be you will always be let down if you trust people. Is that really true? No, of course that isn’t true. You know that there are safe and trustworthy people in the world. So perhaps you could change that belief to read, I trust wisely and with discernment. I easily surround myself with wonderful, supportive people who are completely trustworthy. Doesn’t that feel lighter and more empowered?

As you go through all your beliefs and self talk, you will start to see how limiting they really are. Rewrite your beliefs as you would any affirmation with a focus on the positive, and what you wish to experience. You will start to feel lighter, particularly in your heart centre, as you find the rewrites that fit you perfectly.

Then you could even go so far as to completely destroy the old beliefs and keep a book or a list of all of your new declarations of self. You could write them out and post them around your home, or use them as new mantras or affirmations, whatever feels best to you.

What we are trying to show you is you are completely able to let the old go and choose what is a match to you in this right Now moment. That is how powerful and capable you are, and we wish for you, more than anything, to give yourself permission to shine and create in ways that celebrate your glorious, wonderful selves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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