Daily Message ~ Sunday August 26, 2013

When you lose track of time, you have shifted into a space that is in greater alignment with Source. When you are in that alignment, you are in the most powerful place for creation. When do you lose time? Usually when you are immersed in something you love.

So you can now see, that you are most authentically powerful when you are engaged in the activities that bring you joy, that move you into the expanded Now moment, and allow you to express your purest essence as that individuated aspect of Source.

People are afraid to pursue their passions, as they think they are frivolous and deserve the least amount of time from their busy schedules. They don’t see how they can be successful at them. Dear Ones, it does not matter how skilled you are at an activity. Know that the success comes from the alignment, from the joy it gives you. That is the most important piece, and everything else is created from there. ~Archangel Gabriel

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