Daily Message ~ Sunday August 28, 2016


We understand that during times of great intensity and fast moving energies it can feel like life is happening to you. Please know you are an active and loving participant in all of it. In fact, these are the times your soul has been excited to be part of.

If you are feeling buffeted by the energies, call on us to assist! Let us know if it is too much and we will do our best to help you find more comfort. We are always available to you.

There are many things you can do to create greater comfort for yourselves, as well. Willingly moving with the energies (also known as surrender) is key. Practicing energetic clarity (see the daily message from August 23 for more on this), meditation, immersing yourself in salt water, grounding, and being kind and gentle with yourselves are all things that can help.

The beautiful thing about ascension symptoms is the discomfort is temporary yet the rewards are great. For every bit of space you create from releasing, you are integrating brand new energies that support you in being the most glorious versions of yourselves you have ever experienced in your body. And that, Dear Ones, is something to be embraced and celebrated. ~Archangel Gabriel

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