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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 4, 2019

We realize that for many of you trust is an issue. We have spoken of how people are evolving and changing. The question so many of you have is, “How do you know it is safe to let someone back into your life if they have hurt you?”

Most people, if they are being held accountable for actions that have been hurtful to others, will be anxious to smooth things over. They will promise to be different. They are invested in getting back to the way things were as quickly as possible. We understand that if you have been hurt, you are wanting to go back to before that hurt, as well. This can often lead to going back into a situation before real change has had a chance to occur.

People DO change and evolve, especially during such times of transformation. There are also people who have no intention of changing just yet. How do you know the difference? There are very specific things you will see in a person that is committed to change.

A person who is ready to change will demonstrate the following. There will be introspection and the realization that they no longer wish to continue the way they were. They will stop minimizing their behaviour and/or blaming others.

They will be self responsible by owning both the problem and acknowledging the hurt they have caused you. They will have a true inner desire to change their behaviour and how they express themselves, followed by taking action steps toward that change.

They may not be perfect in their path toward change, but there will be consistency in their efforts. You will observe a shift in their integrity that indicates their personal growth, and they will become much more transparent as a result.

Most people talk about who they want to be as a precursor to change. Their actions show you if that change is actually taking place. People who are committed to change and bettering themselves take action, do the work, and walk their talk.

During such times of energetic intensity you will see people taking giant leaps forward that pleasantly surprise you.  Love people enough to give them the room to grow and evolve by making decisions based on who they are today. Love yourself enough to use your wisdom to see when change is truly occurring and if a person is safe to allow back into your inner circle, or whether you must love them from afar.

Continue to do your own work knowing that is the only thing you truly have control over, and ultimately those efforts are always reflected back to you. And know that all of it has purpose, and that people will grow and evolve whenever it is divinely perfect for them and their own unique life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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