Daily Message ~ Sunday August 6, 2017

So many enlightening human beings worry if they are good enough. Dear Ones, there has never been a time when you were not! You are an integral and beautiful individuated aspect of Source energy. How could it not be so?

But we understand what you are concerned about – as human beings driving the shift of consciousness on the planet, you wonder if you are doing enough. And to that we answer you in two ways.

First, the shift is reflective of your internal work, of your own shift in beingness. If you are in the throes of your enlightenment process, you are absolutely being of service. Every single energetic shift you assimilate and embody is serving the whole.

Second, those who are not yet allowing their own innate goodness to lead the way are generally not concerned one bit about their goodness. The fact that you wonder if you are good enough, or doing enough, is, by itself, an indicator that you are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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