Daily Message ~ Sunday December 1, 2013

Encouragement can be a vital tool for growth. You see this in small children. They will hesitate before trying a new skill, and often look to a trusted adult for approval. If the adult offers encouragement, the child will have the extra courage to try and move to the next level of accomplishment.

How silly it is to assume that encouragement is no longer required as adults! If you see encouragement as a means of showing love and support and having faith in another’s abilities, you can see what a welcome energy it would be for most. That demonstrated faith in another’s capabilities is sometimes all they need to start stepping into their own authentic power.

Great teachers and coaches understand the power of encouragement. It lifts people up, and allows them to see a brand new vision of themselves they may not have been able to envision previously. You can help others achieve all kinds of feats they never thought they could, just by offering some heartfelt encouragement. While you are at it, why not become your own greatest supporter by indulging in some encouraging self talk, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel

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