Daily Message ~ Sunday December 14, 2014

One of the ways humans limit themselves, and frustrate themselves greatly, is by expecting things to be delivered from a certain source. For example, if they give love to a person, they expect it back from that person. If they are kind to another, they expect kindness back. If it doesn’t, the person withdraws even further, thinking that the world is very unfair.

Let us explain this further. If you are very focused on getting something back, you are giving with expectation, with condition, which is really trying to give from a place of lack and fear. You are giving or loving conditionally, which cannot bring back to you the unconditional love or support you seek. If you are focused on fear of lack or response, you will, unfortunately, have set the stage to experience more lack. You are trying to force things, rather than flow.

When you expect that your returns can only come from one person, or one avenue, you are also limiting your results. What if you expanded your focus beyond the person or situation in front of you. What if you simply gave or loved for the joy of loving, secure in the knowledge that the universe will always respond and that it can come from a myriad of sources?

When you move into the expanded knowingness that it is the universe that responds to you and what you put out, you open yourself up to many, many more ways to receive back the love and appreciation you put out. You start to see that the system works, and is always, always fair and just. You will release your restrictions and expectations, and start to give without condition, for the joy of giving, the joy of loving, the joy of appreciating, which is the freedom your soul has been seeking all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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