Daily Message ~ Sunday February 17, 2013

If you are involved in an activity that does not honour you, whether it be a job you cannot stand, staying unconscious through the use of drugs and alcohol, or staying in a relationship that does not honour you, you will find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in that energy.  In fact, it will start to take incredible amounts of energy just to maintain, until it becomes impossibly painful to stay in that place any longer.  That is because anything that perpetuates your unconsciousness, or your separation from Source, is no longer being energetically supported.  This is wonderful news! Most humans will not surrender until it has become far too exhausting to stay the same.  People will be bottoming out in spectacular ways over the coming weeks and months.  Please know this is divinely perfect.  Love people enough to allow them their process.  Once it become clear that the old ways no longer are viable, all of these wonderful human beings will be stepping onto their own paths of discovery and light.  This is part of the great Shift of humanity.  When a resistant human being finally surrenders, it is one of the most beautiful and sacred events of a soul’s journey.  From there they will redirect into a more joy based and empowered soul expression, and each time that happens the universe rejoices. ~Archangel Gabriel

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