Daily Message ~ Sunday February 2, 2014

You understand that as enlightening human beings you are evolving from victim consciousness into your authentic power. Today we ask you if there are any ways you are still holding on to that victim consciousness.

Do you live in the past? Do you relive how you were hurt, abused, or let down in some way? Do you have health ailments you have become used to living with and have given up on the idea you will ever heal or be whole? Do you believe your life is destined to be a struggle because you are a single parent? Or divorced? Or because of your sex, race, or sexual orientation? The expectation that things are hard and will never change is the single most destructive belief system human beings cling to because it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy and keep you in the loop of woundedness every single time. Your life experiences will always match your beliefs.

Let us put it to you this way. If you ate a food that you suddenly discovered you were terribly allergic to and gave you a horrible reaction ten years ago, would you eat that food on a daily basis from that day forward? Of course not! You would simply acknowledge that the experience of that food was in no way for your highest good and choose differently from that point forward. Why can you not do the same with your old wounds?

We are not trying to diminish or make light of the wounds or challenges that you have experienced, Dear Ones. But hear us when we tell you that you are incredibly powerful to create anew in each Now moment. Do not taint the endless possibility of today with energies that have long ago expired. Live according to who you are today, to what matches you today and what you would like to create in your tomorrows. To do so is to be free and gloriously empowered. ~Archangel Gabriel

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