Daily Message ~ Sunday February 8, 2015

Many of you have used struggle and effort as a means of self definition and navigating life. Finally getting beyond the struggle allowed you to accept whatever rewards you felt you were worthy of, and gave you a sense of satisfaction and appreciation. The struggle/reward way of living is like a relationship that is filled with drama. At some point most humans get tired of the effort that involves and choose something that is more consistently satisfying and easier. The same applies to walking a path of struggle.

What if it doesn’t need to be that hard? How do you feel when you consider living a life of ease? Does the idea of ease bring up negative connotations for you? Do you consider ease to be laziness? Do you think it would be boring? Do you think you would stop learning and growing if your life was easier? That you would lose your drive? Do you feel you would stop deserving things or appreciating things if you lived a life of ease?

Dear Ones, you will create the exact amount of struggle you require to get your attention and facilitate growth and expansion in your life. What if you made a sacred commitment to put your learning, experiences, evolution and appreciation for each Now moment your top priority? What purpose would struggle then serve you, if you were already willingly in that flow of expansion?

It is your path, and you get to navigate it however you choose. Living a life of far greater ease is absolutely available to you. It is your focus on your own evolution, beingness, love and connection to Source that matters most. Growth and experience is what your soul is after, and that is something you can embrace, willingly, whenever you like. ~Archangel Gabriel

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