Daily Message ~ Sunday February 9, 2014

What has driven the enlightenment process on your planet has been the mass shifting of souls from the stage of Initiate to Actuate. Let us explain.

The Initiate phase is a phase that can last many, many lifetimes, where the soul’s main goal is learning. During this phase, the soul is exposed to many different spiritual teachings and experiences, soaking up knowledge in preparation for the next phase.

The final stage in your spiritual progression is that of Actuate. The Actuate has completed the intensive phase of learning and is now more interested in applying what he or she has learned. While growth still occurs during the Actuate stage, it is not as accelerated as the Initiate phase. There is a much calmer sense of BEingness.

Many, many of you are shifting into the role of Actuate. This can feel much like the pregnant pause between when a student graduates university and is poised to launch into the world to start offering their services with what they are now trained to do.

Many of you have felt a shift in the energies and feel that things have changed but you are not sure how to proceed or what to do. You are perhaps not as interested in taking new courses or reading new books. Many of you have found there isn’t a lot of new information for you, and that teachings have started to feel very repetitive. If that is the case, it is because it is time for you to step forward, applying all that you have learned.

Do not fear if you do not know how to proceed. If you embrace your new role and understand that it is time to embody your many gifts and wisdom, however that may present for you, and understand you have the training of many, many lifetimes behind you, you will find yourself magnificently stepping forward into your highest life expression, and the next exciting phase of your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

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