Daily Message ~ Sunday January 1, 2017


Every single day is a day of new creation. We urge you to take with you the gifts of your past experiences and leave whatever no long suits you behind. It is time for you to allow yourselves to shine, to thrive, to love, to connect, to flow, to BE. Surrender into the unfoldment of endless possibilities, as newly reborn energetic beings who are poised to create as never before. These are your times, Dear Ones, embrace the divine perfection of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

Thank you so much to everyone for making our donation drive such a success! Here are the winners…

Winner of the free reading: Nicki Glasser
Winner of Partnership With Spirit course: Kristen Lavallee
Winner of Drawing Divine Love course: Joseph Illiano

Congratulations to the winners, I’ll be in touch by email! To everyone who supported our work by your donations, lovely notes of gratitude, and love, I thank you so much! Wishing you all a wonderful new year that sees all your dreams come true… <3

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