Daily Message ~ Sunday January 10, 2016

Dear Ones, there are going to be times when you find yourselves uncomfortable – out of alignment, resistant, feeling frustrated or angry. All emotions are part of the human experience, and no human being is going to stay balanced and positive all of the time.

You may find an energetic shift particularly challenging. You might get busy and forget to practice the things that help you stay in balance. As a human on the planet, you are always being exposed to different energies and changes, and there will be some circumstances you may find more difficult to deal with. That is quite normal.

So what do you do about it? If you are finding yourself suddenly feeling uncomfortable, the first thing we recommend is that you don’t push against it. Resistance will only dig you deeper into the energies you are finding undesirable. Think of quicksand. The more you fight, the more you get stuck.

Just stop. Still yourself. Recognize you have landed in a place that is not your preference. Be kind and gentle with yourself. This is not the time to berate and abuse yourself! You are not bad or stupid for landing where you are. You are now in awareness and can do something about it.

Recognize that by focusing on what is unwanted you cannot create change. You can use the realization that where you are is not a match for you, but you must move your focus onto a lightening of your situation. You do that by recognizing that even though you are uncomfortable, in this right now moment you are ok. You are breathing, you are loved, you are capable, and you get to choose again.

Start to give immediate feedback to the universe about what is wanted. Even if your life is far from what you would like, there is much to be grateful for. Are you warm? Is you body functioning? Is there clean water? Are you clothed? Get back to basics. Start to challenge yourself to find more and more things around you that work. From this simple but profound shift of attention you will immediately change the direction of your path.

Call on your guides and surrender into the flow, and allow yourself to be led. Watch for the signs and synchronicities. Ask for our help! Move in some direction, any direction. It does not matter if it is the right direction because the flow is self-correcting. Your guides and helpers will quickly step in and sweep you in the direction you need to go, but you cannot guide something that is not in movement.

We love you and we honour you for your mindfulness, your service, and your sweet and tender hearts. With your sensitivities we understand things can feel difficult. We remind you to always get back to basics to bring comfort back to your lives if things get too intense. Self love, acceptance, gratitude, alignment, surrender and flow, faith and trust, Dear Ones, are the key to it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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