Daily Message ~ Sunday January 15, 2017


Dear Ones, during times when people seem so divided, we urge you to look to the common denominators that link you to each other. Every single person who voted in the US election thought they were making the right choice for positive change. Feel into that. You all want change for the better!

All human beings want to be heard, want to continue to improve their lives, want to be safe, to be honoured, to be loved and acknowledged, and to know they matter. How they perceive the best way to get there will differ, but the underlying desire is the same.

When you start to see that you all, at your core, wish for improvement, you can stop pushing against each other. You can see each other as being tender and hopeful human beings on your own individual paths of seeking improvement, and from your collective experiences, you will learn much about what moves you closer, or farther away from those desires. And then through the wisdom gained from those experiences, you will choose again, and again.

As you choose to see and acknowledge the many ways you all wish for the same things, you will learn to accept and honour each other much more, and that is exactly what will anchor far greater connection and peace than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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