Daily Message ~ Sunday January 18, 2015

The greatest joy comes from expressing yourself in your truth, your authenticity, in a fully present way. If you are not experiencing a lot of joy in your life, how are you not allowing your truth to shine? How can you find ways to do that? What can you start to do to allow yourself to experience what we call the sweet spot, fully embracing your self and the present moment at the exact same time?

Do activities that you love. If you don’t know what you love to do anymore, we suggest you go to a book store or library and wander up and down every aisle. Pay attention to where you linger, it is a good indicator of what interests you. Find the perfection in yourself as a beloved and vital piece of Source. Find perfection in the present moment. Become a joy detective, looking for it wherever you go!

Dear Ones, joy is not something that cruelly eludes you, or is some prize that you may win if you are lucky. You can find joy by savouring biting into a jelly bean, in examining a snowflake, in hearing children’s laughter. It is all around you, just waiting for you to embrace it and join in the fun. ~Archangel Gabriel

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