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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 20, 2019

So often you are advised to take the time to sit and get clear about what it is you are ready to let go of, and what it is you would like to create and experience. While we understand you have heard that a lot over the past several years, it is still an essential process. The reason for that is for every shift, release, and integration you go through, new truths and abilities become ready for discovery. This results in a continual unfoldment of information about you, which then opens new potentials and possibilities.

You have shifted so much over the past year you are truly getting to know yourselves in more profound ways than ever before. This is a deepening relationship with both your human and divine nature. It is never going to be something that you do once and are done with as your evolution process is ever on-going.

The enlightenment journey is really a process of the continual unfoldment of you, an invitation to accept yourself with love, and to shine brightly as the beloved and integral individuated aspect of Source you truly are. It is through the continuing exploration and nurturing of this relationship with yourself that your outer relationships and experiences will continue to evolve as well.

So understand that for every big shift you go through there will be more to uncover within, and allow that to become a natural part of your spiritual practice as you continue to move forward during these unprecedented times of discovery and creation. It is an essential activity that serves both the one and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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