Daily Message ~ Sunday January 25, 2015

So many of you are always on the lookout for what you do not want. You have been conditioned to do so, to be on high alert for any trouble. But you are evolving beyond that, Dear Ones, so why not change your perspective?

What if from this point forward, you consciously started looking for everything that was right? What if you started seeing the abundance that abounds all around you? What if you started looking at your life through the lens of love, seeing all the love that exists already in your life? What if you started celebrating your own divinity, your own beauty, your own health, and everyone else’s, too?

You see, the first approach will always make you feel like you could be victimized at any given moment, and that it is never safe to let down your guard. The second will show you the proof of the love, support and blessings that abound for you, which will allow you to feel a deep satisfaction for where you are. Both will perpetuate more of the same. Which would you prefer? ~Archangel Gabriel

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