Daily Message ~ Sunday January 27, 2013

We have spoken quite extensively in the past of the lull period.  A lull period is a period where things seem to be stalled, and there seems to be little to no perceived movement.  Both accelerated forward movement and lull periods are part of the entirety of the flow, but lulls seem to be difficult periods for enlightening human beings.  Lulls are important stages.  They allow for rest and regeneration, they are a space for humans to receive and integrate new energies, to release what they do not need, to get clear on what they wish to create or to practice self nurturing or to just BE.  Often they are simply a lovely break as a reward for work well done.  But humans consistently seem to struggle during these periods, so we have a suggestion.  What if you started to call the lull period a “sacred pause”.  Perhaps, by looking at in such a way you could learn to cherish and honour such times and treat them as gifts.  By seeing the lull as a sacred time, it would be easier to embrace and give it the honour it deserves rather than falling so quickly into the idea that something is wrong.  And perhaps, just perhaps, by seeing it as a holy event, you would start to truly honour and love yourself as we are always encouraging you so strongly to do.  It is all wonderful, all divinely perfect, as is each and every one of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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