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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 28, 2018

Why not go on a quest for beauty today? Why not, with your focus and intention, choose to see the many ways beauty can show up in your life?

It may be in the intricate natural beauty of nature, or in the loving touch of a mother comforting a child. It may be an act of kindness or generosity, or simply taking a moment to give thanks for the abundance that abounds in your own life. It may be in moving into an alignment that allows you to feel your own beauty as a divine and beloved aspect of Source energy. It may be appreciating the arts, or a unique combination of words or ideas, that activate certain emotions and feelings within you.

When you stop to see the beauty and wonder around you, you shift the energy of your Now moment. You see the magic and miracles that abound, which can only help you fall in love with your reality. And falling in love with your life results in a deep satisfaction and comfort that supports both your present and your future.

We also encourage you to add to the beauty of the whole, understanding there is a myriad of ways you can do this. Shine the shimmering love of your soul. Embrace the love and power of your own contributions.

Seek to improve things through your focus and presence. Spread and recognize beauty in all its many facets, knowing that is exactly how to anchor the energies of heaven on earth, and you will experience the joy of being God’s ambassador on the planet you are assisting and transforming. The more you can acknowledge and add to the beauty that exists, the more you will cherish and nurture your planet, and that, Dear Ones, is simple yet profound service in action. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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