Daily Message ~ Sunday January 5, 2014

Many human beings walking a spiritual path have concerns about other people or thought forms “vamping” their energy. They fear if they embrace the light, they will be targeted by the darkness. They are on high alert, fearful that they have somehow become ripe for victimization. Dear Ones, nothing can ever tamper with you, ever, if you are standing in your truth, your authentic power, your own energetic clarity. You are the only one who can disempower yourself and you do that by giving your own innate power away. You may do it through fear. You may do it by falling into addiction, through your own negativity or other practices that disempower you. You may do it through judgement, us vs them thinking, from clinging to old, limiting belief systems or some idea of victim consciousness. But hear us when we say this. You are a child of God. You are a beloved and honoured piece of Source. How can anything be more powerful than that? ~Archangel Gabriel

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