Daily Message ~ Sunday January 8, 2017

When you have taken the time to really listen to who you are and what your preferences are, you are prepared to create in earnest when the energies support forward movement. You have clarity, and can then use your energy towards staying in the flow and having appreciation for each Now moment, adjusting as you go. But you cannot create the perfect matches for yourself if you do not know what brings you joy. That is the gift of the lull. It allows you to get very clear about your preferences in order to be ready for the next action phase. An action phase is about to make itself known to you. Enjoy the ride, Dear Ones, it is what you have been preparing for. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley’s note: If you have been wondering why there are no images with the daily messages the past few days this sums it up: Mercury Retrograde 1 – Shelley 0. Hopefully I will have my software issues resolved within the next day or two and be able to create images to go with the messages again. Mercury goes direct today! Woohoo!

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