Daily Message ~ Sunday July 13, 2014

It is far kinder, both to yourself and to others, to honour how you really feel before you make decisions of any kind. Many of you make choices automatically, with a desire to be kind, or to be liked, or to get along with others. While we celebrate you for your desire to be harmonious with others, it actually has a reverse effect if your decision is not in harmony with yourself as well.

If you ignore your truth and proceed to do something that is not in energetic resonance with you, in no time at all your inner self will start to rail against the activity because it is not in your highest alignment. You will start to feel bad, which is an indicator that you have ignored yourself and are out of the alignment that is most empowering for you. Because you feel bad and are out of alignment, you will start to feel resentful of others, you will feel taken advantage of, you will feel angry, you will feel tired and sad. Then, because you are blaming others for how you are feeling, others will start to mirror all of those feelings back to you and before you know it everyone will be feeling horrible, all due to your not honouring yourself.

By ignoring your feelings, you are trying to operate by the old martyr paradigm, which will only find you exhausted with nothing in return. It is an old energy system that not only has no rewards, it separates you from others as it requires you to carry all the burden. It denies others the opportunity to work in unity and support of you.

Do you see? By staying true to yourself, all of your offerings will come from a place of love and open-heartedness. They will be joyful and uplifting. They will feel wonderful! You cannot create harmony by sacrificing yourselves, Dear Ones! You can only create the harmonious results you desire by making decisions based on your truth and self love, knowing that is what creates the foundation that is best for all.

So stop and take the time to be mindful, self-aware and self-loving in all your decision making processes because that is the only way to create the unity and peace you are truly seeking. The temporary disappointment you may create by saying no to another to be self-loving is far kinder than the disharmony, discomfort, distrust and resentment you will create in the long run by ignoring your truth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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