Daily Message ~ Sunday July 20, 2014

Throughout time people have envied great love stories. When you find yourself envying a deep love, it is simply your soul letting you know that love exists for you as well. It does not mean that specific partner could give it to you. Quite the opposite. That love is a sacred energy that exists between the two souls you are observing. Rather, it is a sign that such a glorious love is an option for you! It means you are yearning for your own perfect match.

When you feel this way, do not mourn the absence of great love, take it as a sure sign that such a union exists for you, too! Hear us when we say this: your soul would not yearn for what you cannot have. There would be nothing to be achieved by doing so. Your soul yearnings exist to lead you to your next great experience. Celebrate in the knowingness of the potential and begin to acknowledge and nurture that union! To do so is to open yourself up to a new level of openness and love, and if you hold that energy and intention you will be completely magnetic to the experience your soul is trying to lead you to. ~Archangel Gabriel

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