Daily Message ~ Sunday July 30, 2017

The most powerful way to create is through essence. When you hold the intention of the core of your creation, you open yourselves up to many more options and matches that the universe can deliver to you. Sometimes, when you get too detailed with what you wish to create, you unknowingly create constraints because there is a much better match trying to make its way to you that you are not in acceptance of.

The true joy of co-creation is allowing your team to surprise and delight you with the full potentials you simply cannot be aware of from your vantage point. So cast your net wide, Dear Ones! Dig deep to discover the core vibrational essence of what you really wish to experience, and allow that to be your intended order from the universe. You open yourselves up to so many more satisfying potentials by doing so. In fact, that is how you get to living a life beyond your wildest dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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