Daily Message ~ Sunday July 5, 2020

Shelley’s note: For the next while there will be no accompanying image posted with the daily message on the website until I can sort out a storage issue. If you would like to see the image you can always check it out on fb or instagram. :)

A question on many enlightening human being’s minds is, “What is my purpose?” Even if you have been working with what you previously felt was your purpose, you might be feeling like that role is drawing to a close and are seeking to discover what your next service offering could be. This is quite common as many of you are poised to step into the next phase of your incarnation.

The first thing we wish for you to understand is that there has never been a time when you have not been in service. You have been adding to the whole through your energetics from the moment you took your first breath. Further, your growth and evolution continues to drive the shift that is occurring on your planet. But we do understand that some of you are looking for direction on how to find your way to more tangible service.

The way to find your way to your ideal service path is to surrender into being of your highest service. Your surrender moment does not need to be an elaborate ritual but it does need to be heartfelt. Our partner in transmission found her way to working with us by asking God to take the wheel with the broad intention that she wished to help people.

Use whatever language feels best to you. You could surrender into your highest service, into joyful, supported service, your highest life expression – whatever wording feels right and good to you. Then enter into the unfoldment and follow the signs and synchronicities that lead the way. Broad intention opens you to greater potentials than you could be aware of.

If not one thing happens, you will know that your highest service in that right now moment is simply holding the energy that you do, and when that service contract is up you will move into the next, beautifully and efficiently, forever flowing into your next perfect alignment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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