Daily Message ~ Sunday July 6, 2014

Dear Ones, just to clarify, there is a difference between having an intention and having an attachment to an outcome. Having an intention is the first action step of creation. It is an entry point to the flow. It is using your authentic power to co-create with the universe.

Having an attachment to an outcome is quite restrictive. It says you will only feel happy or satisfied if things turn out a certain way. It is quite limiting, truly, because often the universe will deliver even better to you than what you can imagine. It also places your level of comfort and happiness on an external, which is giving your power away.

Intention allows lots of room for creation. Attachment is rigid and single-minded. Intention works with endless possibilities. Attachment only sees one way. Intention is working with the endless possibilities of the universe and leaves lots of room for improvement, where attachment is trying to create from a limited viewpoint. Intention enjoys the entire journey. Attachment is single-minded and only finds joy if things turn out precisely as imagined. Because attachment is very restrictive and constricted, it is rarely successful in creating your dreams.

We encourage you to dance with the universe with all your creations. Be flexible! Try things! Experiment! Co-create! Harness the awesome power of the universe! Allow things to turn out even better than expected! Enjoy the entire journey, every single step of the way and find joy in the process of co-creation by seeing it as a process that can get better and better in a myriad of ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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