Daily Message ~ Sunday July 9, 2017

As the energies continue to move forward, you will find more and more that anything that prevents you from your expression and expansion becomes very uncomfortable in record time. The more you evolve on your enlightenment path, the greater will be the need for freedom and having the ability to move with what the energies are supporting and whatever inspires you.

Because of this you will start to see society start to shift to meet that need. People will start to move more towards self employment and career paths that are focused on their passions. You may see people have several different offerings rather than just one, allowing abundance to flow with what the energies might be supporting at any given time.

Work weeks will become shorter with more flexibility in order to fit people’s needs, and positions will be filled based on interest and aptitude rather than simply the need to make a pay cheque. The new measures of success will be more centred on experience, life satisfaction, and self expression through interests, innate talents, and joyful service. This will be another aspect of heaven on earth you have been yearning for. ~Archangel Gabriel

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