Daily Message ~ Sunday June 12, 2016


Dear Ones, when you move out of resistance into embracing moments of being alone, you start to tap into a world of endless divine support and profound connections that exist within. It is from that place of alignment that you can know yourself on a deeper level, which allows you to make choices that honour your needs and leads you to a much more satisfying life expression. Willingly making time for stillness accesses a treasure trove of discovery just waiting for you to tap into!

Do you see? Resistance to being alone is loneliness, because it is not allowing the gifts that can come from stillness. It is choosing separation by denying the connection with self and Source that comes from that time. Embracing alone time is solitude, which is entering a world that is rich and restorative and filled with wisdom. It is choosing connection and divine relationship, which nourishes all aspects of your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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