Daily Message ~ Sunday June 19, 2016


Acceptance is such an important element for creating comfort in your lives. It is essential in order to move into the things you wish to experience more of.

Acceptance is a by-product of faith and trust. When your faith and trust are deeply anchored, you naturally experience acceptance because you know that things are always divinely perfect. You remember that each person is a master in their own right, having the exact experiences they need for their growth and evolution. It allows you to apply that to yourself, understanding that your own “mistakes” led to a deeper experience of who you truly are and your soul’s expansion. Acceptance leads to unconditional love, both for others and yourself, which effortlessly creates the flow of even more love in your life.

Acceptance also allows you to move willingly with the flow. Because you are secure in the divine unfoldment of things, you become more comfortable in each Now moment. Because you know things are taken care of, you are in an open space to receive, and also to notice and appreciate the magic all around you, which creates even more of what you desire. From allowing you to feel secure in your Now, you experience both peace and patience.

Do you see? Acceptance allows the universe to deliver to you. It fosters your relationships. It supports unconditional love. It moves you into peace and calm, and it celebrates the divinity in you and around you. It is the magic grease that supports your forward movement by keeping you out of resistance and the temptation to engage with what is unwanted. It is the essential element that brings to you all of the things you truly wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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