Daily Message ~ Sunday June 21, 2015

A reminder that equinoxes and solstices serve to anchor your energetic progress. Do you see what that means? It means for every bit of growth, every shift, every integration of light, your progress is saved. Allow this to sink into your knowingness. This means there is never, ever a turning back!

Many of you are so diligent about your journeys that you worry needlessly about whether you are doing enough, whether your growth is solid. Your path is self-correcting, Dear Ones! Moving backwards or in the wrong direction is not ever going to happen. You do not lose your growth. If you started trying to move in a way that was contrary to your level of attainment, you would simply become far too uncomfortable to continue in that direction in record time. Then you would naturally re-direct back into energies that match your truth and beingness.

This is an opportunity to celebrate! This is the solidifying of the work you have done! Enjoy! You have worked hard and it shows, so allow this day to be one where you not only embrace the endless supports that exist for you, but you also take a moment to own how remarkable and what an important part of this process you truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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