Daily Message ~ Sunday June 25, 2017

Dear Ones, so many of you have the idea that if you are going to create change it has to happen all at once. But the reality is true change is a process of unfoldment, a blending and coming together of many different elements, many of those happening behind the scenes in preparation of when it all comes together in a tangible way.

You can participate by making small choices that support what it is you wish to achieve or experience daily. Those small choices may be staying in faith and trust, using creative visualization, surrendering, asking for help from your guides and helpers, immersing yourself in the energy you wish to experience more of, or any other action that incrementally moves you toward your goal.

It does not need to be complicated at all but the more consistent you are, the greater the benefit. Staying surrendered, fully present, and using your appreciation as a feedback tool to the universe helps tremendously to continue to steer your flow to your next satisfying co-creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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