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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 11, 2018

Most people, at some stage of their enlightenment journey, need to examine their boundaries with others in order to support and move through their own healing processes. This is a vital part of stepping into your authentic power.

What we wish for people to know is there is not one static point in any of your evolution. You are creatures of flow, who are supported by flow, and part of a universe that works with ebb and flow. Your entire planet, your moon phases, your own body, all work with ebb and flow. So looking for one unmoveable point for anything is working against the natural rhythm of both you and the universe around you. It is, in effect, trying to use resistance as a healing tool, which will simply not be effective.

We urge you to release anything that is inflexible in your dealing with yourself and others. There will be times where others need more assistance and in order to be the loving being of service you are, you will wish to reach out and help until they can stand on their own again. There will be times when others need space and time and that is how you integrate and grow.

There will be times when you will need more connection and help, and other times when you will need solitude, as well. There may be times that you need to move someone way out to the edges of your inner circle if they are not safe for you, but if they heal and evolve you may wish to revisit that, too.

Do you see? The appropriate boundary one day may not be the right one another day. You are always moving, growing and expanding, and the energies are always shifting. So how do you know what is an appropriate boundary at any given time? By making decisions based on the reality of each right now moment with an eye towards what is most empowering for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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