Daily Message ~ Sunday March 13, 2016

We realize some of you may be frustrated that what worked to keep you feeling good and balanced one day may not have the same effect for you another. The reason for that is that you, and your beloved planet, are both shifting rapidly.

A simple way to work with the ever-changing energies is to simply ask at the beginning of your day, “What do I need to do to stay in my highest alignment today?” and trust whatever you feel as an answer. Another highly effective technique is to simply surrender your day into your highest alignment, and then go about your business secure in the fact that it will be so.

Your intention is far more powerful than you realize. You get to declare your energetic clarity as the sovereign being in charge of your life expression. This is stepping forward in your authentic power, Dear Ones, and it is both delightful and exciting to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel

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