Daily Message ~ Sunday March 22, 2015

Many of you give with the expectation you will receive something in return from the person you have given to. This can be a slippery slope, because it places you in a space that puts your satisfaction in the hands of another. What if you gave simply because it brought you joy? What if you turned giving into nothing more than an expression of self?

What if you took that one step further and saw receiving as allowing another to express themselves and to feel that same joy, as well?

As more human beings begin to embody their highest expressions of self, you will find the entire flow of abundance purer, faster and far more delightful than ever before, because it will not be diluted by fear, doubt, condition or attachment to outcome. It will simply be a beautiful expression of each individual’s divinity, unity consciousness, and unconditional love, expressing itself abundantly. ~Archangel Gabriel

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